The Boutique Pillow family welcomes artist and fashion designer Steve Luongo

The Boutique Pillow is proud to team with Steve Luongo to create an exclusive line of high-quality pillows featuring his original designs and fabrics.

Steve Luongo is an internationally recognized musician, singer, songwriter and record producer who hails from Westchester, New York.  He was one of the founding members of the New York based rock group Rat Race Choir in 1968. Steve was a pioneer of electronic percussion in the early 70’s.  He performed extended drum solos on a massive kit including a prototype of the Moog Synthesizer Drum.

Raised in the shadow of the Garment District, nowadays Steve has swapped the drum kit for something much more high-fashion. Using his art and fabrics, Steve has created something new; truly limited-edition “numbered” luxurious menswear. With only twenty shirts in each size, his line is unique in the industry.  

By combining Steve Luongo’s fashion concepts, together we bring a beautiful and exciting new line of pillows to the marketplace.




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